Wizard of Oz Slots App Review

Wizard Of Oz SlotsThe Wizard of Oz may have made its debut in 1939, but the iconic film lives on in Wizard of Oz Slots. Developed by top-rated social gaming developer Zynga, Wizard of Oz Slots is one of the most popular fun play casino games in the UK, particularly amongst casino fans on Facebook, and those who play on their mobile phones and devices.

Enjoy the complete Wizard of Oz Slots review below:

App Cost

Wizard of Oz Slots is free to play and free to download. As a new player, you'll automatically be gifted with a few million free chips, which is more than enough to get a sense of how good this game really is. If your credits run out, you can 'top up' quickly via in-app purchases - up to 600,000,000 coins.

By The Numbers

Since it was launched in November 2014, Wizard of Oz Slots has taken the social casino world by storm. It is played and enjoyed by thousands of people with static computers over Facebook, as well as those who download it onto their smart phones and devices. As such, you'll find this game listed on most leading social casino games lists.

How To Download This App

Wizard of Oz Slots is available to play on Facebook and to download on the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and Amazon. If you own a late model iPhone, iPad, Android-powered smart phone or tablet, or any other applicable device, ensure your operating system is up-to-date, then visit your respective app store to download Wizard of Oz Slots.

Real Money Play

There is no real money play on Wizard of Oz Slots free slots because as a social casino game, all play is for fun. However, don't let this detract from the game's entertainment value, because while your winnings will never add up to a cent, you can take pride in building a giant chipstack and progressing through the game's levels.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing?

If you're new to social casino games, particularly slots, you're in for a treat. Wizard of Oz Slots is one of the most graphically rich games there is, with sharp graphics and engaging animations in a sepia theme that gains more colours the further you progress. Plus, as a fun play game, you don't have to worry about incurring losses.

Social Media Integration

With social networking sites an integral part of our lives today, it's not surprising fun play social casino games like Wizard of Oz Slots have achieved the levels of success they have. Players all over the world have embraced the social media culture of sharing their game progress in terms of big payouts, new levels reached and gifting free credits.

Games In This App

Wizard of Oz Slots is made up of nine separate levels or games, most of which are unlocked at the outset. The single exception is High Roller World, which you can unlock as soon as you accrue 20,000,000 credits or more. Each of the games is jam-packed with exhilarating and lucrative features like wilds, multipliers, scatters, multipliers and bonus rounds.

Here are the games that are available in Wizard of Oz Slots: