Monopoly Slots App Review

Monopoly SlotsWhen the Parker Brothers launched the board game Monopoly in 1935, little did they know how popular the game would become and remain on a global scale, or how much it would evolve. Take Monopoly Slots from EA Games, an entertaining fun play social casino app that is popular all over the world, including the UK, with its entertaining high-paying slots.

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App Cost

Social casino apps are free to play and download, including Monopoly Slots. As a new player - whether you play on Facebook or download the app onto your smart device - you'll receive 100,000 credits. You'll also receive credits for moving up levels plus you can claim more free credits every 2 hours. For extra credits, in-app purchases are available.

By The Numbers

Developed by EA Games under license to Hasbro Gaming, Monopoly Slots was launched in November 2013 and from then until now has grabbed the attention of fun-play social casino gamers all over the globe. With new and exciting slots added intermittently, and loads of free credits dished out all day long, it's no wonder Monopoly Slots is such a hit.

How To Download This App

The beauty of the best social casino apps is that they're easy to find and easy to play. For instance, you can play Monopoly free slots on Facebook from your home computer or notebook, just as easily as you can download it from the Apple App Store (for iPhones and iPads), the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or Amazon.

Real Money Play

The only time you'll ever have to spend real money on Monopoly free slots is if you want to make use of the game's in-app purchases to buy bundles of extra credits. There are 6 credit bundles you can choose from, ranging from $1.99 for 20,000 credits up to $59.99 for 2,250,000 credits, which will keep you spinning for ages.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing?

If you grew up playing Monopoly, you'll no doubt get a big kick from encountering the game in this a state-of-the-art fun play digital mobile format. With a slew of virtual slots that boast high-paying and attractive features not to mention excellent graphics, sounds and animations, you'll find Monopoly Slots to be both a beneficial and satisfying social casino app.

Social Media Integration

So that you can share your progress on Monopoly social casino slots with your Facebook friends, it integrates perfectly with the social networking site. For example, you can share your level ups, big wins and bigger jackpot payouts on Facebook with just a click. Ideal if you're competing with a friend to see who can win more on Monopoly Slots.

Games In This App

True to its name, Monopoly Slots boasts a ton of slots designed to appeal to all UK social casino app fans. You'll find all these slots to be easy to play. All you have to do is choose your bet size, spin the reels, and watch as your winnings start piling up. Here's a list of the slots on offer: