GSN Grand Casino App Review

GSN Grand CasinoGSN Grand Casino - FREE Slots is a very popular social casino game, a free to download fun play multi-game extravaganza with in-app purchases. It's as highly regarded in the UK as in the United States, the UK and beyond. This graphically rich game is downloadable from the Apple App Store (iOS), the Google Play Store (Android) and the Amazon Appstore.

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App Cost

GSN Grand Casino - FREE Slots is free to download and play - no signup required. Being a social-based game, if you download and play the game from Facebook on your desktop computer or laptop, or connect to Facebook via your smart device, you'll be given even more free credits. You can also buy extra tokens through in-app purchases.

By The Numbers

Since its release in July 2015, GSN Grand Casino - FREE slots has attracted new players by the thousands with its easy to play, entertaining and worthwhile slots. It welcomes players from across the globe, giving it an international flavour and atmosphere. It's owned and operated by respected web, mobile and social game developer GSN, which was launched in 1999.

How To Download This App

You can download and play GSN Grand Casino's free slots off Facebook. Or, to play it free on your smart phone or device you can download it from the Google Play Store if you're an Android user, from the Apple App Store if you own an iPhone or an iPad, or from the Amazon Appstore if you own a supported device.

Real Money Play

Real money play is not an option on GSN Grand Casino. While based on real money slots in appearance, playability and payouts, all winnings are for play money. The only time real money comes into the picture is if you want to boost your credits by buying a bundle of tokens using your app store credits or a credit card.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing?

Showing your success off to your friends is one of the most obvious benefits of GSN Grand Casino - FREE Slots, being a premier social casino game. Another benefit of this GSN offering is the high quality nature of its free slots. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more exciting selection of bold and fun-filled games across its 70 levels.

Social Media Integration

GSN Grand Casino lends itself perfectly to the social sphere. With a simple click you can share your progress with your Facebook friends or your Twitter followers. And every time you win a massive payout, reach a new level or unlock an even more exciting slot, you're encouraged to shout out your achievement loudly from the 'Facebook or Twitter rooftops.'

Games In This App

GSN Grand Casino - FREE Slots currently has a suite of 17 games, each packing a cracking punch in the 'fun stakes.' It includes 2 bingo games, 3 video poker offerings and 12 feature-packed slots that wouldn't be scoffed at by any UK slots fan. You choose your bet size and number of lines, so you control your chip stack.

Here is a list of the free to play games you can enjoy at GSN Grand Casino right now: