Blackjack Apps For Free Download

Of all the casino table games played by UK Residents, blackjack is a favourite because it's easy, entertaining and lucrative. That said, more UK players than ever before are downloading free, fun-play blackjack games from the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store and other app stores. These are mobile blackjack apps that don't involve real money, other than in-app purchases.

The growing popularity of blackjack apps Down Under is part of a global trend towards play money casino games with a strong social aspect. In other words, where fans of play money blackjack games willingly share their progress, windfalls and levels on Facebook and other social sites. Fans of real money blackjack can enjoy instant play HTML5 mobile casino games.

This article on blackjack apps deals with:

  1. Best Real Money Blackjack Apps
  2. Blackjack Apps in the Google Play Store
  3. Blackjack Apps in the Apple Store
  4. Multi-Player Blackjack Apps
  5. Unusual Blackjack Apps
  6. Blackjack Rules Sets, Trainers and Tutorial Apps

Best Real Money Blackjack Apps

Can use your late model Apple, Android, Windows or another smart phone or device to play a wide variety of HTML5 and/or Flash instant play browser-based blackjack games for real money - no download required. Here are some popular blackjack variants you can play:

  • Live Blackjack
  • Progressive Blackjack
  • BJ Super 21
  • Blackjack UK
  • American Blackjack
  • Multiplayer Blackjack
  • Blackjack Switch
  • Multi-Player BJ Surrender
  • 21 Duel Blackjack

Play these and other real money blackjack games today at our recommended mobile casinos:

Rank Casino # Table Games Bonus Rating
GBP 300 Match Bonus
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GBP 160 Match Bonus
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GBP 555 Match Bonus
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GBP 300 Match Bonus
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GBP 400 with 180 Free Spins Match Bonus
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GBP 250 with 10 Free Spins Match Bonus
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GBP 200 Match Bonus
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20 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus
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GBP 300 with 100 Free Spins Match Bonus
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EUR 400 Match Bonus
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GBP 300 with 100 Free Spins Match Bonus
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GBP 200 with 100 Free Spins Match Bonus
Play Now
EUR 10 Cashback Bonus
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USD 150 Match Bonus
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EUR 200 Match Bonus
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GBP 3,000 Match Bonus
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USD 400 with 20 Free Spins Match Bonus
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GBP 210 with 11 Free Spins Match Bonus
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Blackjack Apps in the Google Play Store

If you own an Android-powered phone or tablet, you can download thousands of free mobile blackjack apps from the Google Play Store. Designed to emulate Vegas-style blackjack, these games boast striking graphics, animations and transitions, and are packed with social features. Many offer hundreds of tables, VIP suites, challenges, tournaments and big prizes (although no real money).

Whatever type or variant of blackjack you seek, chances are you'll find plenty of examples to download in the Google Play Store. In fact, you'll likely find it hard to choose a particular blackjack game or casino given the choice. This is why our review team have compiled the following list of recommended games, most of which include in-app purchases:

Blackjack Apps in the Apple Store

Not to be outdone by its Android rival, the Apple App Store too is brimming with entertaining and engaging mobile blackjack apps for fun. Despite not being for real money, most have managed to capture the exhilaration and excitement of real money blackjack games. Which is why thousands of UK Residents download and play blackjack apps from the Apple Store every day.

Our team of reviewers have literally played and rated thousands of blackjack apps for iOS. They have compiled a list of the best of them, that have the most engaging graphics, the largest selection of variants, the most generous chip stacks as well as those with and without in-app purchases. The 'cream' of these are listed below for your entertainment and convenience:

Multi-Player Blackjack Apps

The great thing about multi-player blackjack apps is that you can play with other players for an even more authentic casino experience. You can even use the in-chat facility to talk to your friends or fellow blackjack fans as you strive to make 21 the easy way. Watch as your friends crash and burn, while you beat the dealer on any of these top blackjack multi-player apps:

Google Play Store

  • BlackJack Multiplayer Vegas!
  • Multi Hand Blackjack
  • BlackJack Multi Hand
  • BlackJack eXtreme
  • BlackJack Arena

Apple App Store

  • Blackjack Pro 21 - Live Multiplayer
  • Blackjack Multiplayer
  • Blackjack Arena - Free Multiplayer
  • Old Vegas Blackjack Pro
  • Original Blackjack Pro

Unusual Blackjack Apps

If you're seeking blackjack apps that are a different from the norm, you've come to the right place. During their many cyber trips to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, our reviewers have come across some pretty interesting blackjack variants. While based on the same principles of regular blackjack, these games have a slightly different and engaging slant. Check out this prime example:

Google Play Store

Blackjack Rules Sets, Trainers and Tutorial Apps

Even though blackjack is not a hard game to learn or play, you can download blackjack rule sets, trainers or tutorial apps to learn all the 'ins and outs' of this popular casino table game. Whether you own an Apple iPhone or iPad, or are the owner of an Android tablet or phone, you'll find a host of blackjack tutorials including:

Apple App Store

  • Blackjack Card Counting Practice
  • BlackJack 101 Free
  • Learn Pro Blackjack Trainer
  • Blackjack Basic Strategy Practice
  • Learn Blackjack

Google Play Store

  • Blackjack Trainer
  • Card Counter Free
  • Black Jack Trainer
  • Learn Pro Blackjack Trainer
  • Blackjack Mentor